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Why work with Noname Security?

Noname’s API security platform enables organizations to gain full visibility of their entire API footprint, assess the security posture of their APIs, and alert on attacks or anomalous behaviour of their APIs. This allows organizations to fully embrace the adoption of APIs without compromising security and provides the security team with the visibility and control they lack today.

While the Noname platform can be consumed in a frictionless manner, Noname is a 100% channel driven organization. We believe in a strong community to help enterprises overcome the modern security challenges that come with an API-based architecture. We understand and value that a reliable community can only be built with the right partner at our side.

Therefore we are looking at partners who are convinced that APIs are the next big thing to tackle in the security landscape, are experts with Web Application Firewall and/or modern API Gateways, are not afraid to make a lot of noise in the market to educate enterprises that there is a simple way to address API security and data regulation challenges, show grit and perseverance when positioning new technologies to their end-users and are willing to work with a young, dynamic and very enthusiastic team of people.

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