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Avi Networks

About Avi Networks.

Avi Networks delivers Intent-Based Application Services including a Software Load Balancer, Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF) and Elastic Service Mesh. Customers deploy Avi across bare metal servers, VMs and containers in on-premises data centers, private clouds such as OpenStack or VMware, public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, and microservices environments orchestrated by OpenShift or Kubernetes.

The Avi Vantage Platform automates intelligence and elasticity across any cloud to ensure a fast, scalable and secure application experience. Customers enjoy 90% faster provisioning and 50% lower TCO. That’s why Adobe, Cisco, and many Fortune 500 companies trust Avi.

Avi SaaS Overview and Demo

Avi SaaS Overview

On-demand autoscaling in VMware environment

Upgrade: Non-Disruptive to the Apps and My Sleep

Advanced: ProxyPass and Host Header Rewrite

Security: IP Blacklist Policy